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June 1st, 2011 by koalaweb

A Different Life For Portland Police Officer Following Accident

I work in the law, and I also feel so thankful for the fact that I can call the law (the police in this case) if I need them and they will show up at my door. It’s the same way I feel about firemen or paramedics. So when you hear about one of those people the rest of us depend on being hurt, it really tugs at the heart. All in all I remember a similar event happening in Portland Oregon a while back that occurred during a high speed auto chase which resulted in a head on collision and a lot of damage to cars and bodies unfortunately.

Maxine Bernstein writing for the Oregonian writes of the “Portland police officer paralyzed in freak accident learns ‘new normal,’” posted March 23, 2013 on oregonlive.com. Bernstein tells the story of Portland Officer Paul Meyer, who was hit by a tree during ATV training on Hayden Island, which lies in the Columbia River between Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Meyer, who is a 43-year-old dad of two little boys, is now paralyzed from the waist down.

His wife is now a full-time nurse and they cannot live in their home due to Meyers issues of wheelchair accessibility. So they now live in a rented place until they can adapt their own home to his needs. But Meyers is full of gratitude that he is still alive for his family and of sound mind. He sure is.

Accident Leads Portland Officer To New Aspirations

Paul Meyer was on the police department’s tactical squad and was the head instructor on special weapons. He has new ambitions since a job-related ATV training accident left him paralyzed from—as he says—“from the waist down.” Wow, poor guy I cannot imagine.Usually you hear about this kind of thing in automobile crashes. By the way I can endorse this Portland auto Repair service for those in Oregon. I also like Crompton’s Auto Care a little further north in Langley as well as Abbotsford, British Columbia. and They can fix up your damaged vehicle and do great automotive tech and body work. Oregonian writer Maxine Bernstein posted “Portland police officer paralyzed in freak accident learns ‘new normal,’ posted March 23, 2013 on oregonlive.com. She says Meyer has gone from “tip-top shape” to needing help with most intimate routines.

Be Careful while Driving Any Motor Vehicle

However, Meyers is a dynamic kind of guy. Bernstein notes that he wants to ride a hand-bike in Portland’s 2014 Shamrock Run, and he networks with others who live with paralysis to find out what they do to compensate for their disabilities. Bernstein quotes Meyer as saying, “You get in this kind of work so you’re there for others. To be in a position where you have to accept help, it’s hard. It’s humbling. You feel unworthy of it.” Hardly.