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I am going on a little road trip to the Puget Sound area so I may not be writing on here for a while. I am not sure for how k
long, we will see but I do not want to make it too long though. Lookout for updates on this soon. All in all, I need to visit both Seattle and Tacoma, as well as the nearby towns of Bellevue, Renton and Kirkland. While I am there I may also go to my relatives house over in Everett. For my part, I have not been in the state of Washington in a while, much less over in the King County area, so it should be a lot of fun even though it will be a long drive on the freeway and smaller streets as well. In addition to that, I may even take the fiery by Mercer and Whitby islands, but we will see if I have enough time for all that. All this time on the road will put a lot of wear and tear on my pick up truck, but one of the reasons that I am going there is that my cousin in Renton will be doing some repair work on my vehicle while I am there, so that will be cool. In return, I will be doing some work on his website www.beetlesmith.com for valley auto service. For their part, they need pages and content for the tire and automobile body pages, which I can certainly help them with. I am looking forward to seeing him and helping him out and it works out as a win-win situation since he is on of the few people I would trust with my ride.