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July 31st, 2014 by koalaweb

Two People Injured in San Diego Wrong Way Crash

April 19, 2012 – 2 individuals suffered various bodily injuries in a wrong way collision in SD County in the golden state. According to the Highway Patrol there, the said collision happened over in the westbound lanes of the State Route 56. All in all, the head-on crash happened on SR 56 close to Camino Del Sur.
The California Highway Patrol has said that they began getting reports that the Infinity G-35 in question was apparently moving eastbound in the westbound lanes of SR 56.

The woman driving the Infinity G-35 crashed head-on into a small SUV, shortly after they began receiving calls, CHP said. According to state offcials the drivers of each of the vehicles were trapped and a doctor passing by the accident helped to stabilize both the female driving the small SUV and the female behind the wheel, until officials came to the scene in question.

This reminds me of last year when there was a major boating accident in the harbor, I believe several people were injured if memory serves me correctly. There is more information on that ocean incident and other maritime issues at
www.waypointsmarine.com by the way in states such as California and Florida overall.

April 12th, 2012 by koalaweb

Police Arrest Naked Man After Collision and Cash

Good to be back from San Francisco, time to blog…January 28, 2012 – According to reports police arrested a naked man after he was involved in a collision and left the scene on foot. According to Sheriff’s Department Lt. Dan Dwyer a collision occurred at approximately 2:45 p.m. that involved multiple vehicles at Bake Parkway and Jeronimo Road. As an aside this car repair firm: Pacificcarcare.com can help if you have a damaged vehicle in the Portland Or.

Lt. Dwyer said the man that left the scene of the crash and was later apprehended is believed to have caused the multi-vehicle collision and was later identified as Vu Xuan Do age 49 of Irvine.

More On This Story

Do was cornered by police after leading them on a chase through several backyards and fighting them off with shovels. According to Irvine Police Lt. Julia Engen it appears that Do was clothed while driving, but was naked when police arrested him. Incidentially if you are in Fort Collins Colorado and have suffered a car crash or need vehicle repair work I can suggest this firm: bgautomotiveinc.com which reminds me of another firm who also in Portland Oregon, San Jose, Redwood City and other cities. I also like Nordic Motors over in Redwood City, also in the golden state.

And In Summation

According to Lt. Dwyer, Do is expected to be charged with suspicion of making felony threats to a peace officer and assault with a deadly weapon. Police learned that Do was involved in a altercation with a coworker prior to the traffic accident, Lt. Engen said. Do was transported to an area hospital to be treated for minor abrasions, sustained when running through the backyards and police believe he suffers from mental health issues. This reminds me of a recent SUV crash in Fort Collins CO which occurred and caused a great deal of damage.


June 1st, 2011 by koalaweb

A Different Life For Portland Police Officer Following Accident

I work in the law, and I also feel so thankful for the fact that I can call the law (the police in this case) if I need them and they will show up at my door. It’s the same way I feel about firemen or paramedics. So when you hear about one of those people the rest of us depend on being hurt, it really tugs at the heart. All in all I remember a similar event happening in Portland Oregon a while back that occurred during a high speed auto chase which resulted in a head on collision and a lot of damage to cars and bodies unfortunately.

Maxine Bernstein writing for the Oregonian writes of the “Portland police officer paralyzed in freak accident learns ‘new normal,’” posted March 23, 2013 on oregonlive.com. Bernstein tells the story of Portland Officer Paul Meyer, who was hit by a tree during ATV training on Hayden Island, which lies in the Columbia River between Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Meyer, who is a 43-year-old dad of two little boys, is now paralyzed from the waist down.

His wife is now a full-time nurse and they cannot live in their home due to Meyers issues of wheelchair accessibility. So they now live in a rented place until they can adapt their own home to his needs. But Meyers is full of gratitude that he is still alive for his family and of sound mind. He sure is.

Accident Leads Portland Officer To New Aspirations

Paul Meyer was on the police department’s tactical squad and was the head instructor on special weapons. He has new ambitions since a job-related ATV training accident left him paralyzed from—as he says—“from the waist down.” Wow, poor guy I cannot imagine.Usually you hear about this kind of thing in automobile crashes. By the way I can endorse this Portland auto Repair service for those in Oregon. I also like Crompton’s Auto Care a little further north in Langley as well as Abbotsford, British Columbia. and They can fix up your damaged vehicle and do great automotive tech and body work. Oregonian writer Maxine Bernstein posted “Portland police officer paralyzed in freak accident learns ‘new normal,’ posted March 23, 2013 on oregonlive.com. She says Meyer has gone from “tip-top shape” to needing help with most intimate routines.

Be Careful while Driving Any Motor Vehicle

However, Meyers is a dynamic kind of guy. Bernstein notes that he wants to ride a hand-bike in Portland’s 2014 Shamrock Run, and he networks with others who live with paralysis to find out what they do to compensate for their disabilities. Bernstein quotes Meyer as saying, “You get in this kind of work so you’re there for others. To be in a position where you have to accept help, it’s hard. It’s humbling. You feel unworthy of it.” Hardly.

January 6th, 2010 by koalaweb

Report From Dallas:Texas Sport Legal News

Here is some Dallas and Houston, Texas sports news. I had a good road trip to Abbotsford, B.C. by the way even though I sustained some vehicle damage on one of the interstate highways, when a small rock rolled down a hill onto the lane causing a dent in my car. That incident is a good seque into the following story: When examining not only the possible causes of the 15-car collision that killed a famed NASCAR driver, but the actual study by officials into the accident to determine the main cause it’s almost possible to chuckle that the NASCAR sport is even allowed. The tragedy that took place in October, however, keeps one from going beyond a chuckle and enforces the idea that this sport is not only dangerous, but one that should probably be outlawed. Incidentially when I was in Canada on that road trip I needed a car repair and cromptonsautocare.com was pretty good. They are based in Langley, British Columbia as well as Aldergrove. I have noticed that the Pacific Northwest has some good shops for fixing busted up automobiles, whether a fender bender or what have you.

The Race and the Speedway

The recent race took place on Las Vegas Motor Speedway and was very common to what transpired on the track at Texas Motor Speedway in 2001 and 2003 that left a couple NASCAR drivers with serious injuries. In both Las Vegas and Texas, pre-race testing involved cars going about 20mph less than they ended up driving come practice and race-time. Both cities’ speedways also are built with the now controversial style fence. As I said, someone may have a wrongful death and might want to talk to a personal injury attorney up in here… Not coincidentally, the IndyCar Series report’s slight admission that the pole situation with the Vegas Speedway crash can be easily connected with IndyCar’s recent quietness regarding a future event they have back at Texas Motor Speedway. If the event does take place, which is the Indy Series showing off a new 2012 automobile model, such places as Dallas clinics and hospitals can prepare themselves for an extra-busy day.

The Causes of the Crash

IndyCar Series released its over 200-pages worth of investigation findings on December 15th and, in the process, accidentally conveyed how ridiculous it is that NASCAR races are even allowed. The spokesmen within the report combed through numerous NASCAR hazards before dismissing all of them and finally coming upon some accident causes they found to be more legitimate. Even then, IndyCar Series never really put their foot down and said such causes were to be definitely pointed at. And the structure that actually killed the NASCAR star, a fence where the poles are built atypically on the track side as opposed to the grandstand side, was dismissed by the IndyCar report as something that didn’t warrant scrutiny. “The fencing ,” stated the report. The only change that would be preferred is for the fence fabric to be on the track side of the post rather than its current configuration. This reminds me of a recent Long beach type of case. Speaking of that, I can endorse this Plano shop: carcarecentral.biz to assist you if you are in the lone star state of Texas and need car repairs.
Some of the conditions dismissed by the report as stuff that shouldn’t be blamed for the pileup were inexperienced drivers, more car-populated racing conditions (from 17 cars in practice on one run to 34 during the actual race), lack of driver inhibition due to the large $5 million grand prize, and drivers’ unawareness of most of the other motorists’ driving tendencies and habits. An easy reaction to this segment of the report is, “Oh, my God” Instead of showing any alarm to these already understood potential hazards, the IndyCar Series report went on to examine what they felt was a more legitimate possibility for what took place in October that left the celebrity killed after his car flew through the air when he came upon the initial accident at high speed. They took a look at the freshly-paved track that led to more car maneuvering and free-for-all driving; usually, pack racing limits itself to “grooves” that restrain the cars from moving around much and keep them stuck in a relative pattern.

December 6th, 2009 by koalaweb

Legal system doles out prison sentence in real estate fraud case

Good to be back to Big Bear, time to write…How do people think they can get away with these things?

Glenn Vaught and Michael Fortenberry were sentenced last week to one felony charge each of conspiracy to commit loan application fraud that was first reported by The Sun News in 2006. David Wren reported the story on the Sun News website on May 2, 2012, under the headline, “Former Conway home seller, mortgage broker sentenced in real estate fraud case.” All in all this reminds me of a recent case involving some Kauai real estate in the Aloha state of Hawaii I believe, or at least somewhere near there.

An Allegedly Crooked Transaction

For their part, it would seem that the ex-Conway manufactured home dealer in question Vaught and mortgage broker pal, Fortenberry, will serve next three years in federal prison for their apparent fraud plot activities overall. David Wren reports that that resulted in two banks left holding the bag for more than $1.5 million and prospective buyers with six-figure loans on homes that allegedly simply did not exist. Scottsdale AZ has had some real estate cases such as this as well. As an aside www.mirabel.com has some luxury real estate and golf course properties in Arizona.

Some Final Notes on the Case

Wren notes that the two men also will serve three years of supervised release following their prison sentences. Right now they are enjoying their temporary freedom on bond and waiting to see where they will ultimately do their time.
Like I said, this reminds me of that Kauai case which involved some shady real estate deal. I think mykauai.com or another site like the Garden Island newspaper had reported on it and it was eerily similar.
Wren quotes one of the victims of the fraud, Brenda Myers, as saying, “That’s good news, but it’s not enough……”
Apparently Myers supposedly purchased a home from Vaught’s G&E Home Center in 2006. She soon found out that Vaught had stolen the $129,000 mortgage he helped to procure and neglected to order the home. Myers started getting past-due notices from the mortgage company for a fictitious home.
Glenn Vaught and Michael Fortenberry have no consciences and no brains, either. Well, good to be back in Big Bear, anyway.