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Recent Medical/health Related News from The Golden state and Rest of US

So far the number of Koala web posts has primarily limited to legal related posts.
However, it is my wish to also add more news concerning wellness and medical issues from around the country as a whole, whether Green Bay or Marshfield, WI, not just in SoCal.
In one of the more recent health headlines for example, A treatment for head lice which had previously been found in select areas has been found to cause cancer and has been particularly associated to non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a World Health Organization research panel said on Monday. WebMD.com features more details on this topic, especially concerning children and families.

Head Lice a Major Issue throughout the United States

All in all, it may seem somewhat surprising that head lice is such a major issue in North America and yet it apparently still is, even in the more affluent regions such as Manitowoc, Wisconsin. For example, in America alone, between six to twelve million children are infected each year, a rather startling total overall. There are more details at littlebugshaircare.com concerning this in the State of Wisconsin. Generally speaking, head lice happen more frequently to females than to males. For their part, they are usually spread through direct head-to-head between people. This is interesting as I had thought it was a minor issue.
In related news, parents and coaches were recently asked to inspect the inside of sports gear for lice in the bay area of California.
All in all, this warning in question comes after Smith Elementary School in the community of Livermore found a very “unusual” number of students with head lice,
which was in fact a very a surprising development overall.