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The good news is that things have settled down today, which is a great thing for me, because I will now finally have time to do some more writing and also give the blog some badly needed updates as well. I also do like my new Dell laptop, so far so good anyway. It is somewhat surprising, but head lice are still a fairly major health issue in certain parts of the United states, such as the midwestern region, for example,
according to the Midwest Lice Specialists at their thelicepros.com website.
In areas such as Wisconsin and Minnesota State, in particular, and other places around North America with cooler climates this is a significant problem.
Even various urban areas such as the Twin Cities metropolitan area, MN. or more rural locales such as Bettendorf, Iowa, for example, are affected by the problem.
I had always thought that this issue was more or less taken care of, but I was mistaken. I remember that movie where immigrants were on a ship to America
and at the screening they said not to worry, they do not have head lice because they are North Americans.
On the whole, however, nits in the hair is still a health concern here, as detailed in this website: lcaquadcities.com In addition, I also found articles to be very interesting on this particular topic at ladibugsinc.com
Here on Koalaweb there was also a related article published several months ago on this subject which you may want to take a look at as well: