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Hi everyone, just wanted to take a second to let you know about this new competition
that will be taking place in San Jose later this month. After years and years of
the same old stuff at ballroom competitions, I’m really excited about this new one.
It’s called the All-Star Dance Challenge, and they are changing the game in a couple
of small but neat ways this year. Firstly, they will be running the finals similar
to the way they do inBlackpool. This means that if you have a particular dance that
is stronger than your others (we all do!), you can still make the final in at least
that one dance, instead of being stuck placing out in the semi-final. This is
really good news for those of us who tend to regularly miss the final by just a few
marks! Go to allstar-dance-challenge.com
for more information on this. My attorney and marketing friend runs it.
Another exciting thing they will be doing is changing the rules for what we are used
to being called “Top Teacher”. If you’ve been to any ballroom competitions in
America that have had this particular prize being awarded, you learned that the
title of “Top Teacher” doesn’t necessarily mean the teacher whose couples do the
best, nor does it mean the Pro/Am teacher who’s students do best (although it
might). What it is, is a system that gives point to a teacher based on results AND
on number of entries. This can end up rewarding a teacher who has just done tons of
events, but not necessarily placed well. At A.S.D.C., they will be giving out prize
money to “Top Professionals” instead. This means that the teachers who have
students that win, get the prize money. Simple, elegant, and clear!
They have a few other cool things, but I’ll leave that for you to see for yourself.
Head over to their website for more info.