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April 12th, 2012 by koalaweb

Police Arrest Naked Man After Collision and Cash

Good to be back from San Francisco, time to blog…January 28, 2012 – According to reports police arrested a naked man after he was involved in a collision and left the scene on foot. According to Sheriff’s Department Lt. Dan Dwyer a collision occurred at approximately 2:45 p.m. that involved multiple vehicles at Bake Parkway and Jeronimo Road. As an aside this car repair firm: Pacificcarcare.com can help if you have a damaged vehicle in the Portland Or.

Lt. Dwyer said the man that left the scene of the crash and was later apprehended is believed to have caused the multi-vehicle collision and was later identified as Vu Xuan Do age 49 of Irvine.

More On This Story

Do was cornered by police after leading them on a chase through several backyards and fighting them off with shovels. According to Irvine Police Lt. Julia Engen it appears that Do was clothed while driving, but was naked when police arrested him. Incidentially if you are in Fort Collins Colorado and have suffered a car crash or need vehicle repair work I can suggest this firm: bgautomotiveinc.com which reminds me of another firm who also in Portland Oregon, San Jose, Redwood City and other cities. I also like Nordic Motors over in Redwood City, also in the golden state.

And In Summation

According to Lt. Dwyer, Do is expected to be charged with suspicion of making felony threats to a peace officer and assault with a deadly weapon. Police learned that Do was involved in a altercation with a coworker prior to the traffic accident, Lt. Engen said. Do was transported to an area hospital to be treated for minor abrasions, sustained when running through the backyards and police believe he suffers from mental health issues. This reminds me of a recent SUV crash in Fort Collins CO which occurred and caused a great deal of damage.